Shoeisms by Veronica Canning

Veronica Canning - World Credited Motivational SpeakerVeronica Canning is recognised in Ireland, United Kingdom and abroad for her expertise in Thinking Strategies for Success, involving setting goals, realising them, overcoming challenges, and embracing change. Veronica’s techniques and  unique approach enables you to transform your ways of thinking and develop what you need to become a woman leader of tomorrow.

For the past twenty years Veronica Canning has continuously held positions requiring creative future thinking. Her experience includes work with Government, industry and the Not For Profit sector. She has shared her expertise on all continents except South America, most recently working for the EU in Bosnia Herzegovina. As an author she has published  four books and been the series editor for a  range of management books.

Veronica is an  expert in communications and is immediate past President of the Professional Speakers Association in Ireland.


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Shoeisms by Veronica Canning

Never before have we needed new thinking and inspiration as much as now. One way of thinking led us to where we are now. We must have different thinking, courage and imagination to move on.


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